Why You Should Custom Make Your Company Stamp

Company stamp is a business essential and it becomes more and more important as a business grows as it needs to be more proper in doing its job, especially in the documentation and related things. A company stamp doesn’t seem to be very important but it contributes to creating the professional image a company must have. Sometimes there are already stamps that you can purchase, however it is better to make your own company stamp. A company stamp is a good and cost-effective investment, it is worth spending your money on. What are the benefits of custom making your company stamp? Below you will find out.

1. You are free to choose the size and shape you want

By making your stamp custom, you are free from the limitations of available shape and size as you have control of how you want your stamp to be. As long as you can design it, most likely the manufacturer can make it for you. You should make your stamp as personalized as possible to create a stand-out look and be catchy.

2. You can have your company name and logo on your stamp

By having full authority of how the stamp will be, surely you can put your own company name and logo for the design so that you can let many people know of your brand. Stamping your company logo and name will support more recognition of your brand and promoting awareness so make sure that you have a good company logo to be able to create the desired impact.

To create a good logo, you can hire the service of a professional logo designer. It does cost you more, but they can assure you that you will have the best logo possible.

3. You can choose your font freely

You are allowed to choose whatever font you want. However you must pay attention not to use a too stylized font that doesn’t represent your logo or brand. Make sure that the font is legible and it still does look professional according to your type of company.

4. A company stamp is also a marketing tool

Many don’t realize this, but a company stamp is a low-cost and effective marketing tool that can help you build brand recognition. The more people see your company name and logo, the more aware they are of your existence.

5. Work more productively with a stamp

A stamp is simple and easy to use. It will help you cut down minutes or even hours of work as it simplifies what you have to do, especially writing down repetitive stuff. It allows you an easier organization of documents. It is beneficial to make several stamps for different occasions, for example, stamps that state “approved”, “declined”, “paid”, “faxed”, or others depending on your needs. You can even make your own signature into a stamp to minimize the time you spend on signing pages and pages of documents. Not only time saving, but these stamps will also save your energy as well as you won’t put as many efforts into writing or signing.

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