What Makes Halal Certified And How To Choose Products?

Halal is the Arabic word which means “permitted or lawful.” When Halal is referred to the food products, then it is a dietary standard based on the prescription from the Qur’an. Opposite of the halal will be haram, and it means prohibited or unlawful. Normally, the Halal and haram are mainly applicable to all the facets in life. Halal is primarily related to that of the

  • food products
  • meat products
  • cosmetics
  • personal care products
  • pharmaceuticals
  • food ingredients
  • Food contact materials

Normally, Islam places emphasis considerably about how the animal ends its life, and it has been by the regulation under Islam says Halalminds. According to Islam, Life is the most sacred and a blessing of God for creation. According to Islam, if the life of the animal is to be ended for human survival, then it needs to be only taken in the name of God. Normally, food is considered as Halal in the religion unless the Hadith or Qur’an mainly prohibit it. Based on the official definition, halal foods are those that are

  • Free from any component which is mainly prohibited from consuming
  • Food that is made, produced, processed or machinery that is cleansed based on the Islamic Law
  • Muslims would eat only to maintain the healthy and strong physique so that it would be easier to contributes their effort and knowledge for the welfare of society so halal certification is required for buying food

Muslims are mainly needed to make an effort for obtaining the best quality nutritionally.

Getting Halal Certification:

Most of the countries in the Middle East and South East Asia have been choosing halal food to the highest great way. Since Muslims consider that the halal foods are mainly safe to eat or consume. Typically, Halal products must not contain the

  • Swine/pork
  • Alcoholic drinks and intoxicants
  • Animals not properly slaughtered
  • Carnivorous Birds of prey (raptors)
  • Blood and its by-products
  • Predatory animals

The halal certificate mainly assures that the food products do not contain any of the above products. It is the assurance that the food product is completely clean and made in the highest standard. Halal Certificate also assures that the products are checked based on the Islamic Shariah Laws. Most of the people considered mainly choose to buy the halal products that only have the seal of the certification so that it denotes the assurance to the greatest extent. Foods containing gelatin, flavors, emulsifiers, and enzymes are also not included so that these are not included in the food products or by-products. Based on the MUIS Halal certification, most of the consumers have been choosing in a great manner. Most of the buyers in the Islamic state would only prefer to choose the Halal products, and it would be easier to choose based on the certification. The authorities would only give halal certification for the food based on the thorough investigation. Buying halal-certified foods would be a much more efficient option for easy to follow the procedures and regulation based on tradition.

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