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Want to Make an Interesting Poster for Marketing? Remember These

Have you ever considered promoting your products, services, or events with a poster? Poster stand in Singapore does not cost a lot, making posters as one of the most cost efficient marketing tools that can be used. Posters are perfect for businesses or organizations of any size and it is so versatile that it can be used in various events in many places. A poster can truly help you reach your target audience as long as you know how to design and print the posters properly.

If you want to appeal to your customers, of course, you need to make a poster that looks interesting but also of high quality so that it can be durable and helps you make a great impression toward people. Here are some useful poster printing and designing that you should take note of:

  1. Go Big and Bold

To gain more exposure using your poster, then the larger it is, the better. Bigger posters can draw the attention of people much more than the smaller sized posters. Large sized posters are great for places that people drive or walk by. With its large size, people can see and read the poster from enough distance and they will actually have enough time to read everything. Of course, large sized posters don’t fit all occasions, but in general, the easier people see and read your poster, then it is more advantageous for you.

Commonly, the promotional posters’ size is 11 inches by 17 inches. But if you want to try to print a big one, then go for the size of 24 inches by 36 inches and up to 27 inches by 39 inches.

  1. Print On Premium Poster Paper

Premium poster paper has higher quality than the average poster paper. They are thicker and more durable that makes them more resistant to tearing. The premium poster papers are coated with sheens, available in glossy or matte options. You can choose either according to your preferences. This extra touch certainly makes your printed poster look more attractive and more durable for longer use. With this, you can promote for a longer time using your posters and gain more customers during your time of promotion. Preferably, the weight of the poster paper to be used for high quality poster printing is 100 lb gloss text or cover, thick 16 point gloss cover, or eco friendly 13 points 100 percent recycled matte cover. Take the price into considerations as well because you shouldn’t exceed the allocated budget for your poster printing.

  1. 40/40/20

40 percent of your success depends on the distribution or placement of poster, another 40 percent on your offer,  and the remaining 20 percent on other aspects that are included in your marketing efforts. This rule makes the design of a poster extremely important. Other than making sure that the design of your poster looks appealing, you also have to make sure that the information on your poster direct your customers to the right destination, so make sure you include a call to action sentence with clear contact information.

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