Understand the Import Procedure of Goods to Japan

Are you looking for the import procedures followed in Japan to move goods/products without any hassle? Do you wish to know the path to import goods to Japan? If so, then read the article until the end to get an accurate answer for your questions. Unidru, the leading import personal agency, explain the import procedure step-by-step in the following section. It helps you to complete all the process and make the products delivered to your destination quickly. If you want, then you can take help from that import agency to handle these tasks.

Procedure to import goods to Japan

Whenever you wish to import products or service to Japan, you need to complete a one-time registration procedure. Almost all countries follow this procedure to import goods without any compromise and legal issues. If required, you should get an import/export license from the concerned government bodies of Japan. Almost all the business entities and individuals who deal with import business should declare them to the director-general of customs. Then, obtain the import permit after the necessary examination of the merchandise.

Usually, this formality starts with import declaration and ends with the delivery of import permit after payment of excise tax and customs duties, and critical examination. Professional import agency such as knows the different types of procedures followed in importing goods to Japan. They will recommend the process, which suits your needs, in most cases — before that, knowing those categories is highly essential for making an informed decision. 

Generally, import of products to Japan needs three types of procedures wherever required. They are one-time registration procedure to specific import license and other certification from Japan government agencies, required documents for importation and methods for import customs clearance. Most of the products can import into Japan without any control. However, transactions must report to METI via authorized banks to deal in the foreign exchange.

Usually, Japan customs under Ministry of Finance controls both inflow and outflow of the goods in the country. Declaration of the import should describe the value and quantity of goods and other needed particulars. The documentation of the import may differ on the destination, and therefore you need to prepare in the right way to meet the needs of the importing country. It is essential to understand the right and appropriate import documents to enjoy smooth import procedures.

How personal import agency help you

Upon reading these procedures, you will surely get tired and have many unresolved questions in your mind. Sometimes, you have hesitation and doubtful nature in taking a further step to complete the entire process. In such a case, you will get assistance from personal import agency Unidru. Through their experience and knowledge, they make you pass away every phase in the import procedure properly and without experiencing any hassles. They also clarify all your doubts now and then. Additionally, they do things such as collecting documents right from your position to finish everything on time and make your business run properly.

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