Create a Better Name Card with These Tips

In doing business, there would be a lot of occasions where you need to send out name cards whether to your clients, customers, prospects, and business partners. Making your name cards look proper and professional is really important in order to create the right image of your brand and company. One of the ways to do it is by making a custom printed name card and name card. By having a personalized look, your name card will look better and more official. The receiver of your correspondence will be more delighted to receive a name card that’s put effort to it rather than a plain-looking one that seems lazy.

Name card printing has always been important and often done by many businesses, from small to large corporations. It cannot be done half-heartedly and there are several things that must be included in it and done so that it represents your company and brand well.

Include the company logo

A company logo must be present in the name card and even better on the name card as well. This supports self-promotion and encourages brand awareness in a pleasant, subtle way. It is also free advertising and it means more exposure which benefits your brand and company. Make sure that your logo is well-designed and proper. If you find difficulty in coming up with your own design, you can hire a professional designer to get the job done for you.

Think of your audience

There is no limit to the creativity you can pour into your design. However, not everything is always suitable for business name card and name card. You must consider the receiver of your name cards. Think whether your design is appropriate for the mand the occasion. It is always best to keep the design simple and professional especially if the receiver is a formal company. Although, if you are going to partner up with a dynamic and laid-back company, you may try to appeal to them using a fun design that consists of more colors.

Keep a consistent theme

Your design shouldn’t only be applied to your name card and name card. It is best to have a matching set of business stationery, so you must adjust your design to be suitable to everything else, such as folders, business cards, labels, and others. Keep the same theme of font, color, and images that consistent across all stationery. Make sure that the key elements such as a logo to be present in everything for easier recognition of your brand by everyone who sees it.

Paper quality

Paper quality contributes to the finished product. If you use a premium quality paper that’s thicker than common printer paper, you will have a better-quality name card and name card that supports the image of professionality and credibility for your company and brand. It will also lessen the chance of your name card getting torn or damaged during its delivery process for its higher durability compared to cheaper paper with lower quality to ensure that the important document gets to the receiver in the best condition possible.

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