Acquiring a Common Seal in Singapore

Singapore is one of the countries that does not require the imprint of a common seal to be present for a document to be authorized. However, there are still many companies that request a custom common seal for their business affairs.

Supposedly, this is due to the many advantages that a common seal can bring for the business. After all, it is a small company tool that is as much as possible not to be taken lightly of. Even though it is no longer mandatory, it still holds great importance.

One of the most prominent advantages that can be acquired from the use of a company seal is that it helps a company or organization to look formal and proper. By leaving the imprint of a company seal, the deed would look like it’s done more appropriately. A document that is authorized by a company seal has a more elegant look and also appear more official.

A company seal also ensures the authenticity of a document. It is a sign that the company has truly authorized the document and will take responsibility for the decision taken as stated inside the document.

There are various ways to acquire a company seal in Singapore. But first thing first, you must make sure that your company is already registered with ACRA so that it is recognized legally under the government. If your company is not yet registered, you can go through the process of company registration online. If it is too difficult to understand, professional company registration firms can assist you and help you navigate through the procedures.

After getting your company successfully registered, you will get the company registration date. It is advised to include this information on the design of your company seal for a better sense of propriety.

To get a company seal, you must get in contact with a company seal manufacturer. You can try working the design out with them and come to a decision that is best and most suitable to your preference and design while keeping the feasibility of it. A company seal must at least include the company name and the registration date of the company.

After the decision of the company seal design is made, the seal manufacturer will process your company seal. A company seal is made with a laser cutter machine. This machine will simply engrave the company name and or logo on two metal plates before they are cooled down to make sure that they are perfectly aligned. Then, they will be affixed to a metal handle.

It takes several working days to complete, but if you are willing to pay a higher price, there are manufacturers that can complete the task within one day. A company seal may come in different qualities depending on their price as well, so make sure that you spend more time to find the best manufacturer that can produce your company seal in a quality that you prefer in a price that is suitable to what they can offer for your company.

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