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4 Essentials in Designing a Great X Stand Banner

For indoor advertising, one of the best tools that you can choose is an X stand banner or also known as pull up banner. It is a tool that is versatile that it can also even be used for outdoor purposes, although not as good as a PVC banner. An X stand banner is more commonly used in indoor events, like exhibitions, bazaars, and occasions alike.

Designing an X stand banner can get a little tricky because it needs to be able to attract people’s attention amidst the crowded place. Only with a good design, and X banner can unleash its true potential.

So, here are several useful tips that you can take note of for designing an X banner.

  1. Choose a Vibrant Color

A good choice of color is one of the best and easiest way to make sure that your banner can attract people’s attention even in the crowdiest place. With a color that stands out among the crowd, your banner can surely get people’s interest. So, don’t be shy. Choose colors that are bright and attractive. Although, you can also choose dark colors such as black. In that case, you should try to choose light-colored text so that the text will pop out against the background and can be easily seen.

  1. Banner Font

The decisions regarding the font of a banner include the choice of font style as well as font size and color. Keeping a simple design is preferable, thus you need to choose fonts that support that design style as well. In order to ensure a design that is simple and effective in delivering the message it should, it is advisable to choose a font style that is easy to read.

  1. Banner Flow

A good banner that can effectively deliver important information should have a good flow that allows people to comfortably read the content of the banner. Remember that people tend to read from left to right and from top to bottom. You have to remember about this rule and make sure that the content of your banner follows this flow so that people can read the banner easily and capture the message you want them to understand that way, ensuring the comfort in reading as well.

  1. Images

To help you deliver an effective message for your banner, try to incorporate an image that can support the content of your banner. Utilize images or graphics to say things instead of delivering them with words. People tend to feel overwhelmed if they have to read too many things on something, so if you overcrowd your banner with too many words, people won’t read instead. To avoid this, you can use for example infographics with minimum words. But you have to make sure that it does not hold double meanings nor that it confuses people as they try to understand what is written.

Final tip: Remember to proofread the entirety of your banner before it goes to the printing process. A banner that holds no mistake makes an effective banner. You can visit the website here.

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